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Moonshine, Lime and Sugar - new songs by Laura Light!

Hi! If you're reading this, then you've probably danced to my music over the years at a local contra dance or festival. You'll know that i'm both a traditional fiddle player as well as modern tune composer, and that i'm a tireless dance fiddler! You may or may not know that I also play swing, country, gospel and blues as well as traditional folk. You also may have heard some of my original songs and tunes on past albums with the Avant Gardeners band and my own previous solo recordings, such as No Gravity. Having just moved to Asheville, NC, and passed through unexpected life changes, I find that my songwriting has sprouted new wings and I'm so excited to be in the studio recording them with my favorite musical partners, the hyper talented guitarist, Bert Carlson, world class percussionist Loren Oppenheimer, and everyone's favorite bass player, Ralph Gordon, with guest appearances by Dave Bartley on mando and guitar and George Paul on keys...

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