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Laura Light has been fiddling for dances, festivals and celebrations for thirty years. A true American hybrid, she was born in the heartlands, spent the seventies in folk and bluegrass clubs in the San Francisco Bay area, homesteaded , played hoedowns and raised babies in southeastern Ohio, and currently hits the national contra dance circuit and old time festivals of the southeast. Through her work at the Augusta Heritage Arts of Elkins, W. VA. Laura learned from Dewey Balfa, Liz Caroll, Buddy MacMaster, Howard Armstrong, Johnny Gimbel and Richard Forest. She also credits her dear friend, Freyda Epstein, a lifelong inspiration violin, vocal and artistic coach.

Laura recorded and toured with bands: Travelin' Light, UFO, Childsplay, The Velcro Monkeys, Intuition, and musical partners, Andra Faye, Dave Wiesler, Raymond Cushing, Freyda Epstein, Jeff Spero, TJ Johnson, to name a few, releasing her first solo CD in 2000
. (see recordings...)

Praise for "No Gravity"

"Fiddler, Singer, composer... Laura Light is not just one of these, but all of them. She has a lot of loves and plays/sings/writes about them in this heartfelt and fun album. Surrounded by a talented group of musicians, she takes us from Quebec to Cuba, from the age of millwheels into the new Millennium, all the while betraying the love of tradition that I particularly love in composers."

-- singer, songwriter John McCutcheon

Laura performs with her husband, pianist George Paul, and with the Avant Gardeners. Her repertoire includes southern old time, New England, Scandinavian, Cape Breton, Quebecois, Irish and swing tunes, and, of course, her compositions. She loves to sing as well as fiddle for audiences all around the country. As she says, "I'll do any gig that doesn't cost me too much!" Her seemingly inexhaustible enthusiasm for playing, especially for dancers, has kept her on the road as a popular dance fiddler on both coasts. Recent tours have taken Laura to Cuba, Alaska, South Africa, Sweden, France and Ecuador.

George was born to play piano, having been prenatally exposed to his mother's accordion and piano playing, and growing up, first under, then at, the piano. His influences include years of jazz, blues, funk, and country bands from Fresno to Spokane to Anchorage, with a sprinkling of Irish sessions thrown in for good measure. He is a prolific composer who has been dubbed, "King of contra funk..."

Laura and George are available for concerts, school programs, festivals, dances and dance workshops, teaching fiddle at home. She currently plays with Dan Sebring, Dave Wiesler and George Paul in the Avant Gardeners and with Childsplay, a New England based fiddle orchestra. (for booking contact laurafiddle@gmail.com)

When not on the road, Laura and George live in White Hall, Virginia with their dogs, Kayenne and Austin and three cats. George and Laura have three sons and two daughters who live on the west coast from Santiago, Chile (Toby) to Anchorage, Alaska (Will). Seth and Lisa live in Seattle and Oakland, and both are perusing careers as professional musicians. (TheLovemakers.com; TheSethPaulBand.com) Katrina is newly graduated and living in Portland, OR.


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