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Archived listeners responses below.

After Friday night, I was sure Footloose could not be topped.

After Saturday morning, I was sure the Avant Gardeners could not be topped.

After Saturday night, I was sure Footloose could not be topped.

After Sunday morning, I was sure........ ......... .etc, etc

A Blissful Idiot! That's me!

As is my habit, I browsed the 'CD's For Sale' table. I have no way of knowing what the music is like, and so, as is also my habit, I just looked at the pictures. One of them grabbed me. Swirling colors, a beautiful smiling face, all floating along in a world with No Gravity. The image alone is worth the price.

I sometimes worry about our musicians. I don't see people buying many disks, and I haven't bought many myself. A Chattaboogie dancer suggested that we could play these disks during breaks, possibly increasing sales. It seems like a fine idea to me.

Later, I went out to the van to give my new purchase a listen, and, sure enough, found myself floating along in a wonderful world with No Gravity. A world with only one theme - the Amazing Power of Grace.

I'm not worried anymore. You see, Grace trumps sales, and my heart is lighter now.

For whatever comes.....

Laura Light will shine on.
Posted by: "Bob Bennett" happycontradancer
Mon Apr 2, 2007 10:17 am (PST)
The Dance Groove.


The 24th of June this year, I returned home to the DC area from an exhaustive trip to Hawaii (my daughter w/2 small children [husband in the Navy] fell and broke both legs). Figuring I was still on "Hawaii time," I was comfortable going to the contra dance on Friday night at Glen Echo. Jet lag was kicking in. Saturday night/Sunday morning I managed to get to bed at 2:00 a.m. and slept until 11:10 a.m. Upon awakening I realized I had quite a lot to do in an effort to unpack, get things put away, and try to get back into the east coast time zone.

Something moved me to look at the Glen Echo schedule and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the Avant Gardeners were playing there that day - the Waltz!! There was no question as to what I would do now- - hands down, I was going waltzing! I had never been to a waltz before AND I couldn't wait to hear the Avant Gardeners play waltz music! It was wonderful!

I hope that you will keep the Avant Gardeners in mind and schedule them as often as possible when the Glen Echo schedule has "TBA" listed for the Sunday afternoon waltzes. They are fabulous!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, my opinion.


the new haiku says
swinging melodies bouncing chords bending rhythms playing lights
you guys - wonderful!

(haiku authors sure
bend the old five - seven - five
with A Gs around)

ah, realllllly great
dance to you again?

(My god, that was I - IV - V - I!)




Thanks again to you and the other Gardeners for such a splendid evening at
the Cotillion, and thanks also for your graciousness in letting us run
overtime a few minutes. I've never seen a roomful of barefoot people dance
with such vigor [since their socks were knocked off by the music :) ].

People are still talking about what a swell party this was.

I hope you'll be doing it again next year.
(Princeton Cotillion)


Dear Laura and George,
this morning I undid the plastic wrap, cued up your Kachemak Bay Waltz CD and your lovely music awakened my sleepy house and lightened my heart. I occurred to me that your 45 minute treat is worth the price many, many times over, and thus I'm moved to write you these few words. No, I'm not sending more money for the CD, but I do want to thank you for all the wonderful music you shared with us at Terpsichore's Holiday, as well as for the recording which is mine to continue enjoying here at home.

Best wishes,



I just got back from hearing your wonderful show on the Leesburg
Couthouse lawn. Wow, you guys are awesome! Thank you so much for coming to Leesburg. My little girl Mia had so much fun dancing & twirling to your music.

peace & blessing,


Hi Laura,

I just got home from your concert in Leesburg, Va., where I live. I LOVED your music. My first question is, do you have written sheet music for any of your own music? I'm an amateur violin/fiddle player, and am constantly exploring new music. The second question pertains to your doing music programs at libraries and schools. I work for the Rust Library in Leesburg, and we do programs like yours.

You gave me some ideas tonight. From reading your bio, it sounds like we share the same passion for all kinds of music.

Anyway, you were great - my friends and I really enjoyed your music, and thanks.



Hey Laura,

It was a pleasure to hear you and meet you. YOU guys rocked at the Old Main Hall Saturday night. Never know what might happen on a Full Moon. LOL Did you see the whole dance floor almost stop in the middle of the dance when you guys started playing 'MY GIRL' & 'Smoke On The Water' ? Anyway, I got to tell you sweet woman you have great chops....Is it possible for me to send Betty's CD to you in Va.?

Love & Light Warren


Last fall I bought Stonger Than Dirt at a Sunday waltz at The Crystal (Spanish) Ballroom at G E Park because it had It's Never Too Late on it.(At the break I told you how much I had enjoyed it - you had played it - even though I hadn't caught all the words. And I'd played the album a couple of times since, but really hadn't listened closely - or read the liner notes. I was at the waltz two weeks ago when you and maybe the whole band played, but I didn't notice the name of the band at the entry table ($) and didn't connect your voice until you played It's Never Too Late! Today I was at home in the rain (I'm a landscape gardener) and put the cd on as background to do some paper work. Within the first two measures, I started to dance and then got all choked up by the beauty of the sound. I never sat down to my desk but after a couple of more songs picked up the case and found the "liner" notes. By then it was on Caitlin's Room and was tearing up again - even before reading anything. Then I read the poem about Rock and Rollin' and really fell apart. Of course there's much more going on in my/world situation that was part of this somehow, but so what! So then I read the rest of the liner notes and discovered you guys wrote all these songs - and God they're even greater knowing that. So I'm sorry I didn't say hello last Sunday (that was you wasn't it?). Please let me know when you're coming back. I'll even go to the contra dance.

Your newest fan, Paul Crumrine


Hi Laura--

You might like to know that one of your waltzes, "Road to Coolfont," has made it onto the playlist of a dance group here in Seattle, Waltz Etc. They meet every Monday for partner dancing to recorded music.

I was so struck by the piece that I took down the name--but their database didn't say which CD it came from. So you tell me, and I'll buy it.

Your fan, Anita Anderson



it was wonderful dancing to the avant gardeners at glen echo last night! thanks for taking a few minutes to talk to me about your recordings . You guys were amazing.

Please come back soon, Judy


Dear Laura,

Thank you so much for my birthday gift. I listened to "No Gravity" the very first thing on Saturday morning. "Tuttles" was a hoot and I especially enjoyed "When We Dance." What a fun tune and fabulous arrangement! I read the liner notes and I thought of you and your journey and I was really inspired. Thanks again for making my birthday weekend special. Please give my love to George. I can't wait to hear your upcoming watlz CD.

Love, Marti


I was listening to the "Music of the Isles" show on WMNF in Tampa and was able to attach a name to your music for the first time. I've heard you mentioned several times before, but now I know that this Laura Light I'm hearing so much about is an amazing musician by listening to your music first hand! The song I heard, "Scarborough Faire", is now quite possibly my current favorite and will be one of my favorite artistic expressions of emotion for a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed the integration of various instruments into a seamless, jazzy composition. Hats off to you! It's this kind of originality in music that gives me hope in the midst of usually cookie cutter popular music. Thank you for brightening my day! I look forward to seeing you in Tampa for the Snowball in 2005!

Peace and Love, Masa Mochizuki



Here are my comments regarding your performance at the Green Valley Library in Henderson, NV. Wonderful! Fiddle player Laura Light and Pianist George Paul were superb! The adults and young people danced to Laura's delightful fiddle playing and enjoyed George's song about the Alaskan fox looking throught his window. The highlight of the program was when everyone joined in for a good, old-fashioned barn dance! What a pleasure to have such guests!

Thanks again. We loved it and hope you come back again soon!



Thank you so very much for your awesome performance in Boulder City, Nevada for the Middle School students. You both are wonderful musicians. I also love your new cd. Enclosed in the mail is $30 for the cd and the waltz cd. Also, I am sending you some pictures from your performance. Remember that you are both welcome at our humble abode anytime. Let us know. If you have time when you swing back into town, I would love you to play/talk to my fiddle group. Let me know ASAP.

Thanks again and safe traveling and God Bless You. -- Adam


Dear Laura,

I bought one of your CDs last Friday night (Feb 21). I drove back to Ohio that night, saving it until the very last part of the trip as something to look forward to. When I had talked to you, you said that if I didn't like it I could send it back. I am writing to report that this will NOT be necessary -- and I've only heard the first four tracks so far! I ended up playing them several times over. One of those felt like it had originated in my soul. It was just right voice-wise, lyrics-wise, instrument-wise, and had room for that little extra meaning one fills in from within when they are really open to hearing. The live music that Friday night was terrific, and the CD has been great. Now I am going to go listen to more of it.

Thank you for convincing me to buy it, and I wish you the very best in life.

Sincerely, David Pulliam


Dear Laura,

Last night at the Ballroom I was dancing with my perfect partner, this beautiful waltz was playing and I thought, "please let her sing..." and you did! Thank you for a perfect dance!

(dancer Glen Echo Park)


OKAY Joe. . . calm down, tell Laura a story. I have told this story to many dancers. I went to the Friday night dance, there was a new band playing, just two people, a fiddle and piano, Brian was calling. - This was the best dance I have ever been to. The music was, well, it made you want to dance. A connection between caller and band and dancers. I heard Laura say to Brian as we were starting a walk through, hold your dance card for me to see, I think she changed the music to the dance, no more repeated walk throughs. Brian would start and the music just came in and we were off. The strangeness of dancing to tunes you know played different for dancing. Now any good story teller would end now, but I have your attention, here is the rest of the story.

The next day at Robert's house the band was going to give a house concert.Robert asked me to do a little waltz workshop earlier in the day, sure Robert. I set up with some CD waltzes that had an obvious tempo and started around 3, a short while into the instruction Laura from the band asked if I wanted them to play, "dance is always better to live music" but scary because lots of time a waltz is played too fast, but the tempo was just right. We went on with instruction and dance for about an hour "wow" then the band and I took a break, ate some food.

After the break they played a great concert, Laura sang and told some stories. What can I say it was good.

They took another break and came back and played a conta dance. Things get blurrrry here, the dance turned into a jam, with many people. Music really does make the world a better place.

I was tired, but they were still going when I left much later. I wanted to crawl off into a corner and go to sleep a contented person.

I played there music on the way home, the CD is still in my truck.

Love your stuff!

Joe Zang
South Florida Folk Fest organizer


"What a great band!"
"The keyboard was awesome..."
"This was one of the best bands we've ever had here!"
"Can we get them back?"
-We heard these comments on 4/18 when Laura Light (fiddle, vocals) and George Paul (keyboards) came through from Virginia. They performed a 90 minute couples dance - waltz, swing, tango, etc - before a phenomenal 3 hour contra dance. Since so many people asked to have them ack, we checked their touring schedule. Don't miss this great dance!"

Greg Rhode - St. Louis contra dancers