From William Comita, Director of Strings,
St. Catherine's /St. Christopher's Schools,
Richmond, VA
804 288 2804

I had two reasons for inviting laura Light to visit my string orchestra class.

One: my middle school orchestra was performing at the same time as my hight school groups' rehearsal; therefore, I couldn't ge in two places at once. and two: my string players needed to see an expert "fiddler" demonstrate some stylistic points to them.

She was perfect and the kids loved her! (Slightly to my chagrin, they even asked if she could be there every week!)

I would recommend Laura to visit any string group, as she is an inspiration to budding musicians and a very delightful person.

From the students:

"I learned how to make Irish sounds on my violin!"

"She was amazing!"

"I learned a lot about chords and learning to just pick up and play."

"...outstanding, she was awesome!"

"She was insptirational, natural, fun, kind and a super fiddler!"

" together! Don't be so uptight about rules. Fiddle what you feel!"

"I learned the difference between a fiddle and a violin."

"...helped me appreciate all kinds of music..."

"I learned about applying certain scales in order to improvise in a given key."

"Her approach was enthusiastic, interesting and practical."

"I learned the technical aspects of fiddle playing and how to cross-tune a violin to play continuous chords."

"I learned about the rhythm and bow strokes and how much they affect the personality of the music."

"She seems like someone who is extrememly happy because of how passionate she is about what she does."